Imagine all the kids dreaming together

... if only we can all make a wish for humanity

I wish for the world to be FUN, We are all kids after all.

What do you wish for the world ? -- What would we ask our dads and moms?

I would like all of us write the "kids' plan for the world",

my Dad told me that there is a big book in the world that is called Kids blockchain book.

I think and everyone can read it and everyone can write on it. It's super cool !!!

I want to use that book and share with all of you what I want <3

I'll write it down and call this chapter the kids' world-dream.

I believe there are Moms and Dads out there who will listen and help us!

It all starts here :

From lilly Wed Apr  4 05:58     2018
Date: Wed Apr  4 05:58     2018
Subject: no homework

Hi my name is Lilly Boyd, from Round Mountain, Texas

For me, I would like to get rid of all homework from school, I would rather have playtime, I feel I learn more this way.
also I want eatable plastic such that we pollute less the planet.